Gordon works with the Rocky Mountain Church Network. The RMCN is an association of churches in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah and Western Kansas. Gordon directs a pastor cluster group, works with churches in transition and conflict.RMCN
3686 Stagecoach Road, Unit E
Longmont, Colorado 80505

(303) 772-1205


Rev. Stan Rieb, Regional Executive Director


Missions Door was the parent of Fresh Start. Bob Humphrey was on staff with Missions Door (formerly Missions to the Americas) when he was directed to begin Fresh Start Ministries. Missions Door has become the mission of choice of many new missionaries seeking to make an impact for Christ is a nurturing environment.
Missions Door
2530 Washington Street
Denver, Colorado 80205

(303) 308-1818

Rev. Rick Miller, President (Ext 108)


Turnaround Pastors, Inc.


Gordon co-founded TAP Inc for the purpose of providing ongoing research into effective ministry practices as well as developing tools to better assist pastors as they labor in church renewal and trasnformation. TAP Inc. is committed to training pastors in ministry and personality best practices. 


Interim Pastor Ministry provides seasoned veteran pastors who move into transitional pastoral roles in churches. IPM has a large staff of pastors who are ready to help churches in transition.

Interim Pastor Ministries
Attn: Rev. Tom Harris, IPM Executive Director
PO Box 113
Orleans, MI 48865
Phone: 800-501-7117

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