I've shown below letters from pastors and church leaders that will hopefully give you a sense of the value of Fresh Start Ministries. I would be happy to supply you with other names and phone numbers of individuals who have also benefited from Fresh Start. I have worked with churches in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Arizona.

To date I have worked in Conservative Baptist, Southern Baptist, American Baptist, Community, United Methodist, and Christian churches. I have also had the privilege of coaching a number of pastors in many different denominational settings including the above mentioned groups as well as Nazarene, Assembly of God, and Church of God, Anderson. These churches are located in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Arizona. I also have shared insights with others in Illinois and New York.

Rev. Robert Humphrey, Founder of Fresh Start Ministries

It is my pleasure to endorse Gordon Penfold as a committed servant of God and a skilled church consultant. Rev. Penfold served on several Fresh Start Consultation teams with me and contributed with spiritual insights, Biblical principles, practical counsel and strategic thinking.

Gordon entered the field of church consultation following 28 years of effective pastoral leadership. In addition to his pastoral experience, Gordon has pursued training in Fresh Start Ministries, Natural Church Development and is successfully completing his doctoral studies at Talbot Seminary.

Churches needing an insightful and practical servant of God to assist them in developing future effective ministries would benefit greatly from Gordon’s insights and counsel.

Rev. Robert A. Humphrey, Founder

Fresh Start Ministries

Duane Ayers, Interim Pastor at First Baptist Church, Broadus, Montana. Duane has served as a pastor for over 40 years. He has been an interim pastor on four different occasions.

November 15, 2007

I have had personal contact and experience with the Fresh Start Team, headed by Gordon Penfold. I have known him since he followed me in the pastorate in Riverton, Wyo, where he had a successful ministry for 9 years.
Gordon and his team went to Broadus, MT in 2006 having been invited there by the church because the church was in trouble. They did an excellent joy of getting the church turned around and started toward reclaiming their ministry in that small community of about 450 people.
Most of the members were ranches and lived in the country surrounding the town. The main problem surrounded the pastor, who in the process realized he needed to resign, which he did.
The team made two or three trips back to Broadus, and then Gordon made numerous trips back after the church called me as Interim Pastor.
I spent nine months in Broadus as Interim Pastor during which time Gordon and the Fresh Start Team recommended that the church suspend its constitution for a period of six months, which they did. That took the pressure off the leadership of the church and the church was able to concentrate on healing relationships and refocusing on the real purpose of First Baptist Church of Broadus.
When needed, Gordon was willing to make another trip, about 350 miles, back to Broadus, in order to give counsel and an objective viewpoint.
Without the initial trip help of the Fresh Start Team, I am convinced that the church in Broadus would either be closed or functioning at a much reduced effectiveness.
I therefore, give high recommendation to the Fresh Start Team and Gordon Penfold for any church that is in trouble and in need of effective and definitive help.

Duane Ayers
Associate Pastor
Ponderosa Baptist Church
Payson, Arizona
(928) 474-9279
e-mail dbayers@peoplepc.com

Clyde R. Thompson

P.O. Box 607

Riverton, WY 82501

1 (307) 856-6667

Web Page: nwwyoming.com

Clyde is now retired. He was the Director of Missions for the Big Horn and Wind River Baptist Associations.

Big Horn & Wind River Baptist Association

September 8, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Rev. Gordon Penfold of First Baptist Church, Riverton, Wyoming.

I worked with Gordon in the interview of members of the Hillcrest Baptist Church, Riverton, WY as he led them through the “Fresh Start” program of Church Health and I observed his gentile spirit and I was very impressed with his leadership.

He was very Biblical and loving in his approach. His observations were very accurate and he put many, many hours into leading this church to restore some fellowship problems.

I think he would be a great asset to any church seeking help with church problems.


Clyde R. Thompson

Director of Associational Missions

“Winning the WEST…with the WORD”

Taras Pristupa is the Director for Hope to People in Rivne, Ukraine. Taras became a believer while living under Communism. He took part in a Fresh Start seminar in April 2007. He is currently learning how to help conflicted churches turn around.

November 2007

Dear Gordon

I want to write you a few words of gratitude . . . .

With gratitude I recall of the conference on Conflict Resolution. This is a big blessing. The Lord has taught me a lot.
I write this letter while I’m coming back from Tyva, which is near Mongolia. We have our ministry there. There was a big conflict in the church there that led to a split. The Lord allowed us to minister there. God performed a victory. There was a great repentance and reconciliation. Pastor repented of his sin (love of power) in front of all the church.
I’m grateful to God for you. Many times I took your advice during that process of reconciliation. Please, pray about this church, that the Lord will heal all the wounds completely. We suggested that the church would have a new pastor for one year – one American missionary Jim Copaldo. He is a very good Christian and minister. We’ll pray for him, and for the church, and for the former pastor. He is ready to help Jim and to be accountable to him. Once again, thank you for everything. Send greetings to your family and church.
With love and gratitude,

Taras Pristupa

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