Planning Model

You may find this Fresh Start Planning Model very helpful in providing tracks to run on for your next strategic planning process. Fresh Start provides training for church leaders in strategic planning and Fresh Start also provides consultations and will gladly facilitate your next planning event. Contact Fresh Start for details.

RETROSPECTION - Where did we come from?

A review of major events and experiences that have shaped who the church is today. Your church has a history of experiences and events that have helped shape who you are today. Understanding these influences will help you in forging your new future.



> Positive events and experiences

> Negative events and experiences

REFLECTION - Who are we and where are we?

A review and description of who we are today. Churches are molded by social influences and spiritual influences as perceived and valued by its membership. Understanding who you are will help you decide who you would like to become. Church does not happen in a vacuum. Understanding where you are (community characteristics) provides insights into effective approaches and limitations.

> For whom do we exist?

> What business are we in?

> What is our mission?

> What is our vision?

> What are our values?

> What is our philosophy?

> Major changes in the organization in the last five years

> Major oversights in the organization in the last five years

> What has been our organizational structure?

> Who are the people who make up our mission field?

INTROSPECTION - How are we doing?

A review of the effectiveness and relevance of our ministries and programs.

How do we measure success; what does effectiveness or success look like? How do we know if what we are doing is effective?

> What are our ministries?

> What have been the results of our ministries? (NCD)

> What are our strengths? What are we good at?

> What are our weaknesses? What are we not so good at?

PROJECTIONWhat could we do?

A review of the possibilities for future ministry. What needs exist within the community and the church that we could address? What new opportunities exist today that were not present five or ten years ago?

> What major trends are taking place in our country? In our community?

> How do these trends enhance or inhibit ministry potential?

> What needs do we see and how can we meet these needs?

> What opportunities are evident?

> What expectations do we have?

DIRECTION - What should we do?

We cannot do everything, so what should we do and do well? Deciding between good and bad is easy; deciding between good and better is hard; deciding between good and best is impossible.

> What are the key result areas that need attention? KRA

> What immediate and long range goals should we set?

> What strategies should we implement to reach our goals? SWOT

 EVALUATIONHow do we stay on course?

Having a road map and a compass to check your progress is important in any pioneering experience. Without a map and compass it is easy to get lost and sometimes not know it. Your strategic plan is your road map and your evaluation tools and times are your compass.

> How will we measure effectiveness in the future?

> What means of evaluation should we employed?

> How often should we evaluate our ministries?

> Who should be involved in the evaluation?

Please note: If you use this material please use the following: Prepared by Robert Humphrey, Founder of Fresh Start Ministries. Used by Permission.

Often churches need an outside voice to help them find direction for their future. If this is the case please contact us at Fresh Start Ministries, 1.970.454.5550.

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